If i were Cinderella..

By Selma Garuda - June 23, 2017

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But trust me, I can't dance that well.

Uh, I’m gonna feel worse now.

And i hope u gonna not ask me about f*cking questions like; are u okay? or blah blah blah. 

And sure enough, i trust you that you didn't.

You just hugged me, and said;

Everything's gonna be alright

I like your smile. More specifically, i like the way you smile at me. I like the way you treat me like... a princess?. How jerk are you. It's make me feel like you already be my prince. And if i were 'your' Cinderella, i will be not go out from the palace. I will stay with you. I will keep dancing with you, even though the clock has chimed 12 times. And sure, i will not care about everything hahaha.

So did you.


Sometimes it feels like.. No, i mean, it's absolutely that, the problem is on me.

Not you.

And what the hell am i talking about?

For your information, -you should have really known about it- that i just feel complete when you are around. And i will feel lost when you are gone. Tell me that this is not temporary,

Nothing to worry about

"I'll get rid of the monster inside your head" you tried to joke. And i laughed.

"Insecurity is a f*cking terrible monster"

And you are the only one who will become the prince and annihilate it.

So, wanna dance again? Cinderella?

What ?

No, I mean, my Princess?


Because you are you. And i love that!

I laughed, again.

Of course i do, my Prince.
Cilacap, 23 June 2017
Just a stress reliever in the midnight.

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