Things that make me happy ;

April 10, 2017

- See my parents happy.
Whatever what they happy about. Setidaknya, watching my parents happy, is including into my happiness list.

- Making my friends happy.
I love the way i make my friend laugh. I love the moment when my friends and i laughing out loud together. Tertawa lepas, seperti tanpa beban.

- Travelling.
Oh my God. I love travelling so muchh. Apalagi jika itu dilakukan bersama-sama. Exploring to the places that i've never been before. Taking a lot of photo with my friends, family, or..

- Sing a long.
I love to sing together with my classmates. With a lot of people. I really like to being in a concert.

- Ramadan!
I realllyyyyy love the ramadan atmosphere. It's remind me about my childhood.

- Standing in the middle of thousand book.
I like to be in the book store for a long time. Sampai diusir, kalau perlu. I like to be linger long in the library. I like the smell of new books or old books. I love the fairy tales. Masih sama denganku 10 tahun yang lalu.

- Watching movie in cinema.
With my friends, or family, or anyone. Pokoknya nobar gitu.

- Photo album of my childhood.
It's make me ..... /that feels/you know what i mean(?)/i hope you know. Perasaan yang tidak bisa dijelaskan dengan kata kata. More than 'happy'.

- Met with an old friends.
Sharing stories. And reminds of memories that we've been through. Sedikit sedih sih, ketika mereka 'udah ga sama lagi' kaya mereka yang kita kenal dulu. But, people can change. Or maybe, people must change. For the better.

- Best Friends.
I love doing crazy things with my best friends. Ketawa sampai rahang berasa mau lepas. I'm not ashamed of doing crazy things in front of them. Dan aku sangat bersyukur dapat bertemu dengan mereka.

- Met someone who's have the same habbit.
Same hobby, same music taste, same favorite movie, or whatever. It's feels like 'Maybe we can be frieeendddss?'

- Express my feelings in a piece of paper.
I know that this is an awkward thing to do. But i love it. I usually not including my name into it. And after that, i left it, until the next day, that paper is gone. Usually.

- Talking to God.
Dear God... i enjoy talking to You.

- Loving someone.
There's no reason to do so. Like, I don't know why.

- Have someone who loves me.
I know that there's someone who loves me. My parents. Or maybe any other? And i really appreciate it. And i want to make them happy.

To be honest, most of the things that make me happy is 'friends'. Padahal. i think, i including to introvert people. But, nyatanya aku ga separah itu 😂. I won't make that claim (that personality type) stopped me for improving me for the better.
So, there's more things that make me happy. Actually, i can happy with just for the simple things. Example;

You. Yes you.

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